Advantages of Oil Trading and Energies Trading with Aman Investment Group

High volatility - greater price movement

Trade oil – the most actively traded commodity worldwide

Go short/long according to market moves

Trade on a margin of as low as 5 USD

No overnight financing on oil CFDs

NO extra fees applicable

About Energies

The most typical feature of energy prices is high volatility, which is the result of numerous political and environmental factors that influence it. Many supply, and demand factors also affect energy prices, the strongest of which is global economic growth. In times of economic prosperity, the demand for energies increases, while a decrease in consumption occurs when economy stagnates.

Beside economic changes, extreme weather conditions can also have a great impact on energies, leading to supply disruptions of crude oil, natural gas, or heating oil. As a result, such conditions can decrease or increase demand for many consumer services related to these energies. Moreover, global energy prices are highly affected by the political instability in some of the world’s biggest natural gas fields.

Oil trading is a globalized, 24-hour market, with its prices in constant motion. This makes it an ideal instrument for day traders who look for fast movements and choose CFDs as the easiest way to trade on oil prices.